Show Off the Fantasy of Eyes with Stunning False Eyelashes

Now-a-days most fashionable women want to have prolonged, thick lashes as everyone is not blessed with dense lashes. Moreover, the invention of fake eyelashes has offered a light of hope to those women who have shorten lashes. There are wide varieties of false eyelashes available in the market today. Full eyelashes usually add volume to the existing eyelash line, whereas individual eyelashes give a fuller look to the eyes.

Individual Eyelashes

Individual Eyelashes

If you will add a few individual lashes to the perfect eye makeup, then you can notice the dramatic changeover of your eyes. On the other hand, false eyelashes may come with varying density, color, designs and lengths. While applying false lashes for the first time, you need a little more practice to complete the job perfectly. You should attach them neatly as close as to the lash line with a good quality glue.

Ardell False Eyelashes

Ardell False Eyelashes

Among all fake lashes, Ardell false eyelashes can be an ideal choice if you want to offer the special effects for enhancing the natural look of your eyes. Many girls more often make the mistake of trying to dab the eyelash glue onto their other lashes directly. This is the main reason behind your eyelash clumping. Rather than applying a dab of glue to your finger, hold the eyelash in the other hand and pull the lashes with a dot of glue.

Ardell Corset Lashes 500

Ardell CURVY Lashes - 415

These days, young women love to look like the famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lehan, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian who are often seen with these glamorous false eyelashes. Moreover, these lashes are the ideal choice for a party night on the town as they will not take the whole night to apply them. Even lashes are easier to apply and remove. Improve the fashion statement of yours with the set of fabulous false eyelashes of Madame Madeline.

A Short Description Regarding Ardell Invisiband False Eyelashes

Most women are not lucky enough to get genetically inclined dense eyelashes. Ardell Natural false eyelashes are the perfect option for them as it can offer everyone to have the long fluttery eye lashes. With this wonderful collection of fake lashes, you can get unforgettable eye makeup to look good for any events. Many stars, models and celebrities have been using trendy Ardell lashes for years because they are the ones that the stars trust the most.

Ardell Professional Natural Eyelashes

Ardell Professional Natural Eyelashes

Ardell Natural lashes at Madame Madeline are made with 100 % human hair by adopting proper care. So these lashes can offer you the natural look rather than any eyelash that is available in the current market.Our fake lashes have light weight and are easy to wear. Hence you can put them on your own and notice the difference immediately.Like natural ones, your lashes will be longer and fuller. Be sure to get the best quality products at our online shop.

Ardell Duralash Double Individual Lashes Medium

Ardell Duralash Flare MINI Length

Ardell DuraLash Naturals Starter Kit

However, Ardell Natural lashes are unique in nature that anyone can afford them. Though we have a huge variety of fake lashes in different size and colors, you can able to find the right type that is just for you and your eyes. The most interesting thing is that many makeup artists use our lashes on the eyes of stars to get them camera ready. As the Ardell false lashes that we offer are natural looking, you need to use a good quality adhesive. If you have any problem while applying the lashes on to your eyes, we have extensive videos on the YouTube available on how to apply false eyelashes. Just you will need a pair of tweezers, the lash adhesives and then apply your makeup normally like before. If you have straight or curl lashes, apply mascara to your natural lashes before wearing Ardell Natural false lashes. Use them over in order to acquire a red carpet look.

Elegant and Excellent Quality False Eyelashes

Since the seventies false eyelashes have been coming a long way when women was worn huge showy varieties of lashes that looked fake. But now-a-days most of the women from stylish celebrity to trendy girls every woman wants to look good without much fuss by wearing natural-looking false lashes.

False Eyelashes

Whether the thin lashes let you not having glamorous look or you have shorten lashes from your birth, our Ardell natural lashes can put an end to your searches. False eyelashes of Madame Madeline are made from 100% sterilized human hair and also these lashes have a blunt cut and light feature that enable to vitalize your blinks. All of our lashes are safe, reusable as well as easy to apply.

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

Ardell Chocolate Lash

Ardell Corset Lashes 500

If you are a beginner and a faint hearted one, then our exclusively designed Ardell lashes can help you conquer your fears effectively. These individual lashes are perfect option for the fashion-conscious people who seek to customize their eyes with thicker volume of lashes. Each pair our eye lashes is elegantly handmade by the expert beauticians. With the wide selection of flexible brands, you will always get designer quality beauty accessory exclusive of paying ridiculous designer prices. Those are right alternative for getting ultimate comfort and custom fit to any type of eye shapes.

false lashes

Fake Eyelashes

These days, fake lashes are getting popular as they can offer an awesome glamorous look without any hard effort. But you may find varieties of choices when it comes to buy best false eyelashes in the market and it is much more daunting task to find the good one. We are here to simplify the hard job for you and review some of our most popular false eyelashes. Transform your eyes with a pair natural looking falsies to flaunt the wow factor. Feel free to contact us today if you have any doubts regarding our products and services.

Attractive False Eyelashes with Lustrous Appearance

Now-a-days numerous trendy women emphasize on the make-up of their eyes and for that purpose, they use false lashes to highlight their eyes. If you have short eyelashes, then the fake lashes will work very well in offering lustrous appearance to your eyes. Therefore it is very essential to purchase right fit of lashes so that people will notice your glistening eyes and will never know that the lashes aren’t natural. There are some useful tips on how to use false eyelashes properly on your eyes.

False Lashes

Pick Right type of fake lashes

In the market, you may find wide array of false eyelashes to choose from. Full eyelashes offers a bulkier density to your lash line and individual eyelashes give a fuller look to your eyes if you will use them as filler in your shortened lashes. Full eyelashes are very easy to apply and offer a natural look whereas individual one requires more patience to apply on your eyes and give natural lash like appearance.

 Ardell Fabulous Lashes SYDNEY

How to apply false eyelashes

With the false lashes of your choice, you need to properly apply the lashes on your eyes. First you should draw a clear line by using an eye liner and spread slightly the line with the tip of your finger. As a result, it will hide the eyelash line while gluing the false eyelashes.

Fake Eyelashes

You should make sure that your hands are clean when you are gluing lashes. Take a drop of eyelash glue on your finger. If you are applying individual lashes, then use the glue on the tip of each lash. If you are using full lashes; then dab the full eyelashes lightly to cover the surface. Keep the glue to set around 10 seconds.

Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ AMY Lash Compact

In case of individual fake lashes, you need to place each lashes closely with others on your lash line. In order to offer a proper balance, you should start from the center of your eyelashes and attach them individually with fillers and after that apply lashes to your corner portion of your eyes. If you want to have a natural looking eye make-up, then apply few lashes in each of your eyes. For full lashes, you need to start from the center part and then move towards the corners of your eyes. Before applying regular makeup, you should let the glue dry for few seconds.


False eyelashes by Madame Madeline are adopted by numerous celebrities, make-up artists, fashionable models and beauty conscious girls to upgrade their look. Our fake lashes are completely hand-made and getting trimmed by trained beauticians. We offer wide array of gorgeous false lashes with different designs, colors and styles to create illusion for striking fluttering eyes suiting for every event. Enhance your fashion statement with our finest lashes.

Top 3 Benefits of Applying False Eyelashes

If you want to enhance the length and volume of your eyelashes without putting any mascara, then applying fashionable false eyelashes may be an ideal option. Now-a-days false eye lashes are one of the most demanding fashion trends. They are getting huge publicity on television as many celebrities’ doubles up their natural lashes to get attractive as well as eye-catching appearance. Here are top 3 prominent advantages of applying fake lashes.

Andrea ModLash

Enhance your appearance

False eyelashes are the excellent beauty accessories to enhance your appearance as well as to offer long and beautiful looking lashes if you don’t have them naturally. They are available in various lengths and colors that may help you select your favourite pick similar to your natural lashes.

False Eyelashes

Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ AMY Lash Compact


Are very convenient

These fashionable lashes are extremely convenient option as they may last few weeks or few months depending upon the type and quality that you pick. They are very helpful alternative if you want to avoid spending extra time on doing your everyday make-up.

Fake Eyelashes

Synthetic lashes

Are versatile

False eyelashes are versatile in the sense that you can wear them every day regardless the type of occasion. Whether you want to do make-up by applying your favorite color of mascara or want to wear clean mascara for a casual look, false eyelashes are the perfect option for any occasion.

Fake Eyelashes2

With Christmas on the way, false eyelashes offer a wonderful fit to your natural lashes and are also available at affordable prices. Fashionable girls can get a stunning appearance for partying occasion with a pair of fake lashes. Looking for striking and eye-catching fake eyelashes? At Madame Madeline, you will get wide array of false lashes of different well-known brands, types and designs at competitive prices.

How to Perfectly Apply Striking False Eyelashes?

Since the seventies, false lashes have come a long way when women wore huge and flashy varieties that looked like fake lashes. Now-a-days from the celebrities to the ordinary women wants to look good that’s why they wear natural-looking false eyelashes. Applying of lashes has a key role in the make-up of a trendy girl. Here’s the procedure on how to apply false lashes

False Eyelashes

Get the Right Lashes

When it comes to false lashes, there are varieties of options to choose from likely a full set of false lashes or individual lashes. If you will purchase a full set, then you can cut into individual lashes. If the lashes are too long, then you need to trim them by cutting at an angle. While cutting, make sure that each individual lash must be different in length so that they may look more natural.

Ardell Lashes

Prepare for Applying in your Eyes

First of all you need to make sure that lashes have not any makeup, and then curl the lashes with the help of eyelash curler. You can warm the curler for about 3 seconds with a blow dryer and be sure that the metal is not too hot.

Ardela Fashion lashes

Get the Glue Ready

If you want to apply individual lashes, then put few drops of lash glue on the hard surface. Let the glue dry for a while until it becomes tacky. After that use a set of tweezers to pick up the eyelashes and dip the root in the adhesive. If you are applying full set, then put few drops of glue along with the strip.

False Lashes

Stick the Lashes

Individual lashes can be applied starting from the outer corner of your eyes. With the help of tweezers, you can easily apply the glued lashes into your natural lashes as possible. Hold it for few seconds so that it may dry in the place that you have glued. In case of couple of false eyelashes, use your fingers in order to hold the lashes perfectly and then apply on the lid as close to the root as possible.

Natural Lashes

Want to look fashionable in every aspect? If so, then enhance your fashion statement with our gorgeous fake lashes. At Madame Madeline, we offer a great selection of appealing and glamorous fake eyelashes in order to match with your every look. Want to learn more about us; visit Our Facebook Page.

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