Perfect Way to Buy False Eyelashes

Are you pondering about false eyelashes? Perhaps you’ve seen a companion with a stunning new look sporting one. We at Madame Madeline have all that you need when intending to buy false eyelashes.

The Fabulous Edit Lash Set by Eylure

The Varieties That Can Be Had

False eyelashes can be connected to your lashes independently, or in bunches. You can also get a full set, which implies that the lashes are connected to the greater part of your individual lashes, or a halfway set, where the lashes are appended to your lashes from the center to the outside of your lash line. With modern innovative means, there’s an ever-more extensive exhibit of choices. You can expect to have all such customization from us.

Selecting The Right Eyelash Material

We have different styles of eyelashes made of various types of material, to suit both your financial plan and the look you need to accomplish. The most widely recognized lashes come in 100% human hair, mink, faux mink, silk and synthetic blends. The material you select will rely upon an assortment of variables which you can talk with us when you intend to buy false eyelashes.

Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Gilded Lashes

What’s the difference between the materials?

Basically false lashes are made out of either man-made materials, sterilized hair or fur. The furs that are used are mink and horse. It may seem confusing to you but we are always by your side to help you out as to which one to buy.

Picking a Length and Curl Type in the eyelashes that you buy

False eyelashes can be had in varieties of lengths mostly they vary between 9 mm to 15 mm. The length you select will rely upon the thickness or fineness of your own lashes. In the event that you have normally long, thick lashes, you can wear a more drawn out eyelash. Those with shorter lashes may select one which are shorter in size.

Think of the color

Not only there are a huge amount of decisions to be made regarding false eyelash material, volume, length and twist accessible, you likewise have a scope of color to choose from us. There’s excellent dark, which never is out of style. Need to be daring? Go for a full set of shaded lashes when you buy false eyelashes. You can, on the other hand, pick couple of shaded lashes to sprinkle with more characteristic shading.


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Give a Modern and Beautiful Look to the Eyes using Eyelashes & Extensions

Do you want long and shiny lashes in a few minutes? Use false eyelashes! A pair of false lashes can instantly make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Just like selecting a hairstyle can match your face shape, similarly different false eyelash styles can enhance your natural eyes, or even it can change the entire shape of your eyes and face. Wearing eyelash can give your eyes a fuller and beautiful look which you are always dreamed about.

It may be fun in the sun or singing in the rain, attractive false eyelashes will not let you down. Crafted from the silk-effect fiber, each style of false eyelashes are glossy, beautifully tapered and perfect for an extra look with an ethical spirit. There are many brands but choosing from brands like Red Cherry Eyelashes, Andrea Lashes, Eylure Lashes are preferences among girls & women. With your busy lives, Eyelash extensions give you an opportunity to be stylish and appealing with its easy & quick use option and you can use these yourself eyelash extensions andrea-modlash-eyelash-adhesive-for-strip-lashes-0-25-oz-pack-of-4.jpg

Growing range of eyelash and eyelash extensions are available in the market and online stores. Picking the best eyelash can be confusing from hundreds of products. Alluring false eyelashes can spice up your everyday look. Here are some best brands mentioned as under that can best fit your personality.

Andrea lashes are the world’s premier false eyelash brand that offers a world-class line of beautifully designed false lashes. These are made with the top quality material and available in a variety of styles to suit every occasion and makeup look! Being very light, shiny and top quality fake lashes, Andrea lashes got a style to add charm and glamorous looks look to your face. They are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes to help you to meet your need and perfection.

Eylure lashes are one of the world’s favorite brands for false eyelashes since 1947. Eylure lashes are beautifully designed, handmade lashes meant to blend in with your natural eyelashes to bring a nice style for every possible occasion. They are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and are suitable for all eye shapes and occasions.   Tempting False eyelashes are collections made of the latest technology that softens the tip of each individual lash to create a better natural look.

Red Cherry eyelashes with its continued growth of popularity aimed to evoke all styles from classic to high fashion glamour for rocking the runways. Many celebrities, makeup artists, fans are much more impressed due to its lightweight, flexibility and comfort character. With an extensive selection of hundred percent hand-crafted human hair lash styles, Red Cherry eyelash has been a top priority among women.


Looking for a top seller of false eyelashes online? Look no further than Madame Madeline. Our eyelashes are perfect for regular use and are best fit for every occasion. You can take advantages of a readily available eyelash that can fit all shapes of eyes. At Madame Madeline, we want to get the best result possible for your eyes as styling is so important for us. We carry high-end falsies eyelashes including popular Red Cherry eyelashes, Andrea Lashes, Eylure Lashes lines and accessories that let you steal the looks you see on the runway. Browse our website to stay up to date with the latest deals and exclusive savings.

How To Remove Your False Eyelashes Without The Use Of Remover?

You have gotten plenty of compliments from your friends on your gorgeous, lush eyelashes last night, but most of them are unaware of the fact that they’re false. It takes serious skill and practice to apply false eyelashes expertly, and it needs an equal amount of attention to take off them without injuring your natural lashes. Fake eyelash removers are readily available in the market, but you might be worried of employing these products close to your eyes or simply forgot to buy a bottle. Fortunately, there are ways to safely and painlessly take off your false eyelashes. Here is how:


  • Bring 3-4 cups of water in a medium-sized saucepan and boil it. Turn off the heat & displace the water into a metal or glass bowl. Wrap a piece of cloth over your head to get the steam from the bowl. Let the steam to free up the glue for 3-5 minutes.
  • Then lift the cloth. Grab the false eyelash from the outer corner & start to pull it away gently from your lid. Take both false lashes & put them inside a plastic bag or throw them away.
  • If the false eyelash does not come out easily or you feel pain, make a blend of one cup lukewarm water & 1/4 teaspoon moderate facial cleanser. Shut both of your eyes & wipe the wet cotton daub over your eyelashes.
  • Pull out the fake eyelashes gently from the outer corner. If there is still resistance, swab the eyelashes once more with the soapy cotton pad & try again.
  • After taking off the lashes soak a cotton pad with baby oil & wipe it over your eyelids. Let the baby oil to sit for 2-3 minutes, and then wipe out your lids with a moist cloth to take off the oil & any remaining glue.

Ardell 5 Pack Lashes Demi Wispies (68980) -madame madeline

So, you are done now! You have successfully taken off fake eyelashes without any remover. Share these tips with your friends if you find them effective and safe.

Sign up with Madame Madeline to choose from fake eyelashes of different popular brands including Ardell, Andrea, Bullseye, Everlash, and Red Cherry among others. Enjoy free shipping to all domestic US states on orders above $100. Be in touch with us to never run out of your favorite false eyelashes again.

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Things you should Know about Fake Eyelashes

It is believed that a woman with thicker and fuller eyes has a great oomph!! But having naturally long and full lashes is not possible for many women. So, how to achieve the most attractive fuller eyes? In this case, using the false of fake eyelashes will prove to be the best solution. Fake or false eyelashes have their own charm, which instantly lifts up your look and appearance by making your eyes attractive. Made out of 100% human hair, the fake or false eyelashes can be easily glued to the eyelash area. This gives a fuller and thicker look to the eyes.

Here are some interesting things to explore about the false of fake eyelashes, please have a look:


1. Waterproof Qualities:

False eyelashes are one of the most important elements of your water-proof makeup. Without piling on a ton of makeup, you can get ready in quickly by using the false eyelashes that will enhance your eyes in a wonderful way. If you want a minimum yet gorgeous look, then using the waterproof fake or false eyelashes will prove to be the best solution. You can use waterproof adhesives for your fake or false eyelashes that will ensure the lashes stay in place.

2. Material:

Fake or false eyelashes that are made with 100% human hair can give you a realistic look. You can comfortably wear the false eyelashes made from human hair all the day long or all the night long to sport a gorgeous look. It is believed that wearing false eyelashes as an alternative to mascara helps your original lashes to stay healthy and strong.


3. Natural Look:

Are you thinking how to get the natural look with fake or false eyelashes? If you want a natural look, then it becomes to blend well the false fake lashes with the original in the right way. When using the fake lashes, you need to run your eyelashes through an eyelash curler and make sure the false and the natural eyelashes are of the same color.

4. Care and Maintenance:

Fake or false eyelashes made of 100% human hair have the capability of lasting for a long time but requires a gentle care and maintenance. You need to keep the false eyelashes clean and place in their original casing. This will in avoid collecting of bacteria or dust on the fake lashes and ensure the lashes stays in good shape.

5. Options and Re-usability:

The fake lashes come in different shapes and size like full, short, long and individual lashes. As per your requirement, you can select the right type that will work in a great way. The best thing about fake lashes is their re-usability quality. You need not have to throw the false lashes after every use. If the mascara is not applied, then take off the excess glue and keep the fake lashes in the original case. In case, you have applied the mascara, then simply use an eye makeup remover to gently clean the lashes, which makes them good to be used for the next time.


Where to make the right purchase?

If you want to buy the best quality fake eyelashes, then trust a reliable and popular online store- Madame Madeline. Rated as one of the premier online stores, we stock a wide variety of fake or false eyelashes from top brands like Andrea, Elise, Ardell and more. At our online store, you will get an opportunity to buy the right one that suits your personality and choice.

Please browse through our website to browse through our exclusive selection of top quality and branded fake lashes that are available at an affordable price!

Adrell False Lashes- Fascinating Accessories for a Trendy Girl

Most of today’s women are not blessed with beautiful looking lashes. Adrell lashes have the answer to their problem which assures to give everyone the long fluttery eye lashes to show up. Numerous stars, celebrities and models wear these popular lashes in order to look beautiful and adorable at the same time.

Ardell Fashion Lashes

With the wide varieties of eye lashes available on the market, one can easily get high quality and affordable lashes in different shapes and lengths. Whatever may be the event that you have to attend; these beauty accessories will flatter the shape of your face by offering you an alluring appearance.

Adrell false lashes are weightless, water proof and very easy to apply. These glamorous looking fake lashes reflect the glitter, elegance on your personal style.

Ardell Lashes

If you will face any problems while applying these lashes, then you may find extensive videos available on internet regarding how to apply fake lashes on your eye.

By following this procedure, you can glue up your lashes on your eye. For this purpose you will need tweezers and a lash grip adhesive.

Ardela Fashion lashes

First of all you need to apply your make up as you normally do. Then you need to check the lashes whether it is according to your shape of eye or not. If not, then you should trim the lash by using a pair of scissors.

After that you may use a pair of tweezers to hold the lash and apply the lash grip adhesive on your eye; don’t use too much. You should allow at least 30 minutes to help this adhesive set properly.

Fashion Lashes Starterkit DET

Gently place the adrell lashes above your lash line. Neatly press them for setting it up. Now you may see wonderful and long lashes on your eyes. No one can know that you were not born with these great lashes except you.

So, go and have long and natural fake lashes with Madame Madeline products at anytime.

False Eyelashes: Fabulous Beauty Accessories

False eyelashes are one of the latest trends this season. These beautiful accessories are getting a huge amount of exposure on television. Basically, there are two types of eyelashes.

  • Strip false eyelashes
  • Individual false eyelashes

Ardell False Eyelashes

Usually the strip false eyelashes are applied easily and therefore they are more popular than the individual ones. The individual lashes needs to be glued to each eyelash you want to lengthen. However, they are durable than strip lashes.

False Eyelashes

Now you might be thinking why to wear these eyelashes? There are many women who are not blessed with long lashes. They always look for some other ways to lengthen their own lashes.

Thus, false lashes can make your own lashes look fuller. So, how to apply these lashes?

Ardell Eyelashes

If you have never tried these accessories before, then it is advisable to start with the ones that are shorter in length. These lashes are applied with special adhesive, which are usually available with the eyelashes in a box. Thus, below given are the steps by which you can apply the eyelashes.


  • Firstly, compare the width of the lash band with your own lashes
  • Secondly, hold the eyelashes with the help of a tweezers and apply a small amount of eyelash glue along the band. Make sure that the glue becomes tacky before applying them.
  • Thirdly, place the lash as near to your own lash line and press down from the inner to outer corner of your eyes. Hold them until they get set.

Andrea MOD Prema-Lashes

Thus, if you follow the above given steps, you can apply these eyelashes easily. These lashes can be purchased from various shops. Even you can purchase these lashes online. If you search on the internet, you can find many shops that deal with these lashes. Madame Madeline is one among them. We deal with false eyelashes of different brands like Ardell, Gypsy, Fright Night, Andrea, Elise, Eylure and many more.

Ardell False Lashes: Attractive Eyelashes to Look Glamorous

In this modern world, who do not want to look beautiful? Yes, everybody wants to look beautiful, especially the women. They use various kinds of products to have a stylish look. One of such products is the eyelashes.


Ardell Natural False Eyelashes, the only product that truly gives dramatic results. But picking the perfect pair to suit your eyes can be a bit difficult. Ardell is a leading manufacturer of false eyelashes and offer various types of lashes to suit each individual. It has been for 40 years, Ardell is offering false eyelashes that are easy to apply right in the comfort of your bathroom.

false lashes

False eyelashes add a definition to the face and draws attention to the eyes, making them look brighter, bigger and more beautiful. As these are available in the market in a wide range, you can easily find a good quality lashes in various shapes and length. It does not matter whether it is for a special occasion or to add a finishing touch to your everyday makeup routine, Ardell provides false lashes that will flatter the shape of your face and can offer you the attractive look of unforgettable lashes.

false lashes

Ardell has various types of product with lashes that are permanently and perfectly curled, can be applied easily and are comfortable to wear.

Duralash Eyelashes

These are a knot free individual lashes that offer a weightless feel and natural look. These products are made in such a way that it looks like natural lashes. The advantage of using these lashes is that they are waterproof and are durable which can be worn for up to six weeks.



These lashes are available in a large number of fashionable length and shapes, each having an invisible band that form the lashes into a strip without a noticeable lash line. These lashes have a perfectly consistent look.