How Do You Get More Impressive Eyes?

Eyes are the window to the soul. When you accentuate the look of your eyes, they will put your emotions at the front of your face. Your eyes can make you more expressive and help you stand out from the crowd while enhancing your natural beauty.

For an impressive look, you need to use the right concealer, false eyelashes, etc. Here are a few things you should put into practice for a more appealing appearance:


Take care of your eyebrows

The shape and thickness of your eyebrows have a great impact on the overall look of your eyes. This is why you should keep your eyebrows in top condition as they play a key role in accentuating your eyes.


Tweeze extra hairs from your eyebrows, especially if you want to create a flattering and arched shape.

Accentuate your eye crease

Likewise aseyebrows, eye crease is an important aspect of visual frame and sets your eyes apart from other facial features. You should make your eye crease well-defined to draw attention to your eyes and enhance your natural beauty.


When it comes to getting a well-defined look of your crease, focus on moderation. You should stick to matte formulas and use a fluffy eye crease brush to apply your preferred eye shadow precisely.

Brighten your inner crease areas

The inner crease areas of your eyes – the inner cornersareas close to the tear ducts – make a huge impact on your appearance. If you want larger looking eyes, apply a small amount of highlighter to the inner corner of each eye along with your other makeup.


This seems like a seemingly small change, but it can greatly expand the inner area of your eyes and create a more dramatic as well as expressive look.

Make your dark circles invisible

When you wake up, take a shower and get ready for your day. Spot dark circles under your eyes. Generally, dark circles set back your eyes from the visual point of view and make them appear smaller and less appealing than usual.


Fortunately, it’s quite simple to hide dark circles. You can use a concealer that should match your skin tone and style. Start applying it underneath your eyes and then to your cheeks.

Follow a V-like pattern to cover maximum areas and combine them thoroughly to get much brighter and consistent appearance.

Use false eyelashes for a fuller eye look

Your eyelashes play a significant role in drawing attention to your eyes. Getting the right pair of false eyelashes helps in enhancing your appearance and brings in an oomph-factor to your eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, false eyelashes aren’t that expensive as you might think. Generally, Ardell false eyelashes look natural and beautiful. They are available in different styles and sizes – all with affordable pricing.

When you’re looking to purchase Ardell lashes, you should look no further than Madame Madeline. Ardell false eyelashes are made from sterilized and 100% human hair.

These lashes are of superior quality, and are reusable and easy to apply. Every lash package is available in a reusable box. For more information, please visit our website at

5 Best Red Cherry Lashes for Dramatic Eye Look

Are you thinking to intensify your eye look? If so, don’t forget to wear your favorite Red Cherry lashes. All you need to do is choose your style and pair them with a beautiful pair of falsies to get that gorgeous lash look.
With fashion-forward designs, superior quality and options, it is not difficult to imagine why Red Cherry is one of the top selling eyelash brands. All of their lash products are 100% genuine, so you can shop with confidence that they specialize in delivering top-quality false lashes.
These fabulous falsies can be used again if you take proper care while applying and removing them. To that end you should make sure to keep your false eyelashes in top condition to get the most out of a pair. You’ll find countless styles of Red Cherry lashes and you’re sure to be spoilt for choice while shopping for them.
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10 Best KISS Lashes for Beautiful Looking Eyes

Are you looking to buy false eyelashes? Thinking about getting that fuller eye look? If you are,then look no further than KISS Lashes! Here are a few best falsies by KISS we believe are worthbuying to achieve that voluminous look to your eyes:
  1.  KISS Ever EZ Lashes
These lashes are made with superior-quality natural hair designed specifically for both professionals and fashion-conscious individuals. They are available in both strip and individual lashes. These KISS lashes are lightweight, natural and reusable. They are made from premium Remy human hair and are handcrafted to bring flair to the overall look of your eyes.
2.KISSi-Envy Premium Lashes
These lashes are made from premium standard Remy human hair and are individually handcrafted by lash technicians. With i-Envy Premium lashes, you will have the fullest eye look that your eyes deserve. They are available in strip and individual lashes and you can choose your favorite look.
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Wearing Falsies – Know The Do’s And Don’ts

Do you dream of having lush and spectacularly fluttery lashes?
While some of us are lucky to have naturally long & lustrous lashes, the rest of us are not. But that does not mean you’re out of luck – false eyelashes are here to the rescue!

Falsies are without a doubt one of the best inventions for the fashion-conscious woman, but putting them on can also be somewhat difficult.
Here we list below some of the do’s & don’ts for taking your eyelash game to the next level by using false lashes.
Don’t apply falsies directly:
The whole purpose of putting on falsies is to have beautifully long & glossy looking lashes. To that end, never put on false lashes without trimming them to the length of your lash line. If you leave them hanging over, they will pull down over your eyes and end up looking less catchy. So, take measurement of your lash line first, then cut your false lashes to the exact length, while making sure that you only cut from the outer corner (end with the longest lashes), and never cut the inner side of the lashes.
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Why Do You Wear False Eyelashes?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. If that saying is true, you would surely want people to see beauty when they look into your eyes. Your eyes are the center of attraction of your face, so any time and effort you put in to enhance them is definitely well worth it.


As a beautiful woman, you want to have long, beautiful eyelashes. Long lashes make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and they accentuate your eyes considerably. Lashes symbolize femininity and youth. One way that will guarantee to bring noticeable improvement to your peepers is to use false eyelashes.

Nowadays false eyelashes are considered one of the most desired beauty products on the market, as they give dramatic fullness and length to your eyelashes. There is a huge availability of fake lashes you can choose from to modify and attain your preferred look instantly.

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8 Best Ardell False Lashes for Fuller Look

Do you want to bring that tantalizing look to your natural eyes? If you have long and thick natural eyelashes, it might be easier to make your eyes look more attractive. But if you don’t, not to worry, you can simply turn to false eyelashes to solve your dilemma and get that fuller look


Nowadays there’s a huge availability of false eyelashes you can choose from. There are amazing alternatives to improve your appearance and boost your confidence level. You will find them easily and they are safe to use.

False lashes are versatile – you can wear them whenever you want. You can even choose from different styles to nicely match your outfit. You can clean and wear them again. When they are not in use, you can simply keep them in their boxes. If you’re a beginner when it comes to buying false eyelashes, why not go with Ardell, and shop for discount Ardell lashes!

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False Lashes: Giving Users an Attractive Look

Sometimes your natural look needs a little enhancement to make you even more irresistibly attractive. Towards that end, it’s not a bad idea to include false lashes in your makeup routine. The fact is that cheap eyelashes can play a role in enhancing your beauty at every moment. Maybe you want a fresh look that isn’t so complicated to achieve and cost a fortune. To get you there, you can count on discount Ardell lashes to get you the desired results. On that note, we would like to highlight some of the benefits of opting for discount Ardell lashes.

  1. Protection

Sometimes, excessive use of mascara can stunt the growth of your natural lashes. Maybe you’re used to applying mascara on your lashes often. You can use alternate ways to protect your lashes from falling off all the time. The fact is that you can buy false eyelashes to support your mascara application every time. This way, you can give room for your lashes to grow longer and naturally.

You will have less worry over the frequent loss of your lashes.

Also, false lashes can protect your eyes from particles in the air. While being outside, you never know when the wind can blow dust on your face. So long as you are wearing your discount Ardell lashes, you can rest assured of getting the protection you need for your eyes.

  1. Colorful outlook

If you want to improve your fashion sense, you should buy false eyelashes regularly. The fact is that cheap eyelashes come in different colors and styles. You can buy false eyelashes that can match your makeup and clothes in different combinations. Play and experiment with your fancy. Get a sense of how different colors and styles of falsies match those of your makeup and clothing. In time you will sharpen your own fashion sense and build a collection of falsies to match nicely with your outfit choices. Life is an adventure. Become your own fashionista!

  1. Faster makeup routines

Ideally, we can all take time to style ourselves to perfection. But you might just be someone who due to demands of work, has only limited time for a makeup routine. If this is true, you can buy false eyelashes to save you precious time. Of course, you always want to feel more confident and comfortable. Since time may not allow you to enjoy special makeup treats, false lashes can provide the quickest form of a solution. With falsies, you don’t have to compromise on your looks because of the demands of being a busy professional. Also remember, discount Ardell lashes can make you look younger by opening up your eyes to make them up without needing extra makeup. Read More

What are the Easy Hacks to Know about False Eyelashes?

Would you like to go stylish and bold with lashes every day? Or are you looking to level up your eyelash game? We have here some easy hacks for false eyelashes we’d like to share for you to master the art of beautiful lashes!


  1. Be cautious with the glue amount.

When it comes to applying false eyelashes, too much glue is a primary cause of frustration. It’s natural to think that the more glue you use, the more they’re going to stick; but in reality it’s quite the opposite! read more

Fake Eyelashes – A Great Way to Enhance a Bridal Look!

It is absolutely the right of every bride-to-be to look absolutely stunning! And nowadays it is quite trendy indeed – every girl can swear by using fake eyelashes to look their gorgeous best. So, are you getting married soon and you want to know how fake eyelashes can enhance your bridal look? If you do, then this post is just for you! We describe how you can use fake eyelashes to craft the best version of you on your big D-day! Have a look –


  • Pop up your eyes

As the big day approaches, sleepless nights and anxiety can make your eyes look dull and exhausted! But don’t worry, natural looking fake eyelashes come to the rescue! These eyelashes will widen your eyes and give them a pop to enhance your entire bridal look seamlessly.


  • Change the Shape of your Eyes

Yes, you read it right! Falsies can help you change the shape of your eyes! If you have smaller eyes, you can accentuate them by opting for a pair of thicker eyelashes. And if you wish to elongate your eyes, you can make use of a little-elongated strip. If you have dark circles, then the natural enhancers will keep them at bay! Isn’t that awesome?


  • It is Easy to Wear and Remove Fake Eyelashes

Previously, people used to find wearing and removing fake eyelashes cumbersome and often depended on professionals. But today, the situation has very much changed; you can easily wear and remove these falsies without any professional help! Wearing fake eyelashes has become easier than applying mascara! And when it comes to taking off the falsies, simply use an oil-based makeup remover.


  • Mascara is not good for your eyelashes

You might be crazy over applying mascara and that’s what you always did to enhance the look of your eyes. But nowadays you really should think twice before fluttering those mascara smothered eyelashes! Even if you use mascara from the best known brands, it can be harmful for your lashes in the long run. Also, you might have noticed that while taking off the dried mascara, you need to rub and tease your lashes, which could further worsen the situation. Remember, mascara cannot offer you the glamorous look that fake eyelashes can offer, no matter how many coats you apply!

  • Best for Longer Occasions

Fake eyelashes are best to wear for longer-lasting occasions, whereas mascara can make your eyes look tired and darker after just a few hours. So, if you want fuller and sharper looking eyes that last longer, go for fake eyelashes!

  • Lashes Recommendations

Introducing whisper-light lashes for everyday and bridal wear for completely natural look. Perfect for the lash expert and the beginner.  So what sets these lashes apart from the competition?  The barely-there lash styles enhance eyes subtly and naturally. These lightweight lashes create volume with subtle definition. These gorgeous occasion ready lashes has Invisiband lash band provides the most comfortable wear and allows for a seamless, truly undetectable look. Naked Lashes are perfect for wedding and everyday wear, They  are suitable for avid false lash wearers with shorter, sparser natural lashes or with a preference for lighter, natural styles. Naked Lashes come in four beautiful styles for a variety of natural lash looks to choice from for all occasions.


Madame Madeline offers a wide variety of fake eyelashes that will not only enhance your bridal look but will also last longer without affecting your natural eyelashes.

Buy False Eyelashes: Building Irresistible Attraction

It’s important to realize that there are a lot of benefits to using false eyelashes. Including them on your makeup routines can make you feel more confident at any social situation. Did you know that you don’t have to apply heavy make-up after wearing false lashes? The fact is that artificial lashes can give your face a beautiful lift! On this note, here are some of the highlights of why you should not hesitate to buy false eyelashes.


  1. Protection

One of the first steps to protect your natural lashes from damage is by putting a stop to excessive mascara use. Mascara contains chemicals that can make you lose your natural lashes. Likewise, you tend to develop allergies when you use mascara too often. However! You won’t experience these problems when you use false lashes, which tend to maintain their curly position so you don’t need to apply mascara to adjust them.

Also, false eyelashes can protect your eyes from dirt and excessive light, which can make your eyes itchy.

  1. Versatility

If you have a busy schedule, you can save time by choosing to use false eyelashes! These eyelash extensions come in different colors and varieties to match any outfit and occasion. By wearing false lashes you are basically skipping a full makeup course! Moreover, the lashes can withstand all sorts of activities, and you don’t have to apply mascara to curl them.

  1. Improved Looks

Buying false eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to improve your looks. Maybe you have a tired look or you’re too shy to mingle with your friends. False lashes come to the rescue! They can add more volume to the shape of your eyes and help transform the appearance of your face to give you a lush and beautiful new look. You can command attention at any social gathering by just simply batting your eyes!


Finally, false eyelashes are available in different shapes and styles to match your fashion taste, eye shapes, and personality! From natural to dramatic, soft to glamorous, we got you covered!

Make sure to check out our brand new Ardell Naked Lash Collection where you will find volumeous NAKED LASHES that blends seamlessly with it’s invisiband to visually open and brightens and widens eyes for the most natural look.Treat yourself and try false eyelashes today