Five Top Brands of False Eyelashes You can Go for

Every woman wants to have beautiful and expressive eyes Their eyes would look more desirous and appealing if they have thick and long eyelashes. Even if some of them are not born with natural thick and long lashes, they need not worry. They have a perfect solution to overcome this weakness and keep up their fashion appeal wearing quality false eyelashes from top brands.

False lashes have excellent features to make women look more bold, add depth to their eyes, and accommodate their makeup perfectly. They can use double layered and dense dramatic eyelashes for a structured eye look or can they choose a more natural looking pair of lashes. With the right choice of false lashes, women can look fashionable and expressive at the same time. Whether they miss natural denseness in their lashes or look to enhance what they already have, false eyelashes are the answer. Wearing a pair of false lashes can quickly give them a glamorous look. From classic silk and delicate varieties to voluminous and dramatic falsies, there is sure to be a perfect lash for everybody. Picking up the best pair for them can be hard, that’s why top brands can be tried for the best look.


There is a long list of brands offering quality false eyelashes in a wide range of lengths, styles and volumes, from thin to thick. But what actually suits the user will depend on her own preferences and what kind of look she is interested in.

Fake eyelashes come in different forms such as strip eyelashes, cluster eyelashes or as individual or single eyelash extensions. Each of these varieties can have a variation in color with glitter rhinestones and more to look different altogether. The same set of false eyelashes can have repeated use but should be properly cleaned and maintained after removal from eyes.


False Eyelashes – Modern Day Fashionable Accessories

Fashion or glamour can be ensured on every casual to special occasion like wedding, cocktail party, etc. The falsies can even be part of your day-to-day makeup putting more value on your eyes. With them you can expect to improve your eye structure, making the lashes look darker, thicker, longer and fuller. You may at times fail to get the deep looks with the use of mascara but false eyelashes will never disappoint you. They have been part of life of Hollywood beauties for decades and women in other areas are joining the practice too.

There are more than hundreds of brands offering false eyelashes for use in makeup. These falsies have great effect on facial appearance and confidence showing on your face. You will find them safe and easy to use. They come with versatile features so that can match with various occasions. You can also choose them in the best style matching your dress.


You are free to use False eyelashes again but remember to clean it after every use. Storing your pair inside a box when not in use will prevent eye allergies and infections. If you are a first timer looking to wear false lashes, then check out the products of the below given brands for a pleasant experience all the time.

1. Ardell Eyelashes

2. Andrea Eyelashes

3. Kiss Eyelashes

4. Red Cherry Eyelashes

5. Eyelure Eyelashes

All the above are the best selling brands of false eyelashes for all occasions like outing, night out, party, date and wedding etc. If you are not sure about picking up the right pair of false lashes , then you can surely try any of the given brands for your safety and satisfaction. No matter whether you have big, small, almond-shaped or round eyes, you will look stunning with the these brand false eyelashes that are now available on Madame Madeline.

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How to Apply the False Lashes in a Flawless Way?

Do you want a voluptuous or luscious eye lashes like a celebrity? Have you ever thought of using false eyelashes? Are you afraid to apply the false eyelashes? If you are thinking that it is hard and frustrating to deal with the lash glue, placing perfectly the lashes and stick those in a correct way onto your eyes, then here is the right solution.

.JAPONESQUE Eyelashes Slant Volume

In this post, we are going to discuss the proper way to apply false eyelashes to get brighter and fuller look instantly. Please read on!

#1- Apply the Mascara:


The first step of applying false eyelashes is to put mascara on your natural lashes, which will not only create a strong statement, but also will help in getting a fuller look. In this way your natural lashes will get along well with the false eyelashes.

#2- Bend the False Eyelashes:

.JAPONESQUE Eyelashes Natural Long

Normally, we all have curve shaped eyes. So, to get the best way to apply the falsies, you need to bend those. You can wrap the base of the false eyelash around the finger and hold it for 10 seconds then release it. This will help the curve to acquire a curved shape, which will fit your eye in a perfect way.

#3- Trim the False Eyelashes:

100% Authentic Mink Strip Eyelashes (#03)

In most of the cases, you may find that the falsies are not fit the natural eyelashes in terms of length of the lashes. To suit your natural eyelashes, you need to trim the falsies that will match the requirement and a natural look.

#4- Use a Good Quality Adhesive:

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 116S

There are some adhesives available in market, which will look white when it get dry (this can give a awful look for your eyes). In this case, you need to avoid these types of adhesives and opt for a top quality glue or adhesive that dries up without giving out unpleasant results. It is found that most of the fashionistas prefer to use black false eyelash adhesive or glue that blend in nicely with eyeliners.

#5- Put on the False Eyelashes:


Do you have shaky hands? In this case, you can use a pair of tweezers or lash applicator to get the best results. Or else, you can lay a mirror flat onto a table, keep your elbows on either side of it and then look down into the mirror to put up the false eyelashes in a convenient way.

.LASH beLONG Professional Eyelash Extension Kit

Now you are all set to flaunt a fuller and brighter eyes! Are you thinking to buy top quality and safe false eyelashes? In this case, you will get an opportunity to buy online the best quality false lashes from Madame Madeline. We are one of the premier online stores that stock wide variety of false eyelashes from top brands like ARDELL, ANDREA, ELISE and many more. At our online store, you will find huge collection of false eyelashes of top brands and styles, which will help in finding the right one that suits your personality and taste. To enjoy an optimal shopping experience, please visit today For more information you can stay connected with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Scoop, Stumbleupon, Youtube .

7 Common FAQs Regarding Fake Eyelashes

False eyelashes truly play an instrumental role in making a woman’s eye stand out. From full-on falsies to individual eyelashes, there is no superior way to make you look more beautiful and more wakeful.

With appropriate and smart selection of falsies according to your eye shape and personality you can relish a sensational look in no time.

Pre- Glued Lashes

Here in this post I tried my best to cover some of the most typical FAQs about picking fake eyelashes. So, let’s take a look:

Q – I am new to falsies. Which fake eyelashes should I go for?

Ans – If you’re a beginner to false eyelashes; I suggest you to start your voyage with “strip false eyelashes” rather than individual falsies. Strip falsies are simpler to deal with and apply.


Q – Which falsies are most comfortable?

Ans – Fake eyelashes are composed of nylon, cotton and polyester lash strips. In terms of comfort, lashes made of nylon lash strips are most comfortable. Nylon is light in weight and doesn’t put pressure on your eyelids. Cotton is also comfortable and feels like polyester. However, polyester lash strip creates a little discomfort and issues in application. Andrea Mod Strip Lashes emphasis on both cotton and nylon lash bands.

Q – My falsies are very long. What to do?

Las Olas Boulevard

Ans – In such a circumstance, evaluate the length of your fake eyelashes by placing them over your eye lids. Incise them with the help of a scissor to complement your natural lash line.

Q – How to put on & take away falsies like a professional?

Ans – Wearing false eyelashes isn’t a rocket science. With a few days of through practice one can get command over the skill of applying falsies like a professional. Check out this link: applying and wearing false eyelashes like celebrities. However, taking away falsies looks tricky. Pulling out your falsies roughly not just injure it, but also damage your natural lash lines. Check out: how to remove false eyelashes like a pro.

Ardell Special Occasion Collection - Lacies

 Q – Can I reuse my falsies?

Ans – Yes, you can absolutely reuse your falsies if you’re cleaning them regularly. Make use of a non-oily makeup remover to clean your falsies.

Q – Is it sensible to curl falsies?

Ans – It relies upon your individual taste. If accomplishing a significant effect is what you’re after; curl your natural lash lines first and then curl your falsies. Be careful; don’t attempt curling your falsies until the glue is absolutely dried out or else you might ruin all your hard-labor by pulling your falsies off!

Q – How I should go for my first fake eyelashes?

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 116S

Ans – If you’re not very much familiar with the different kinds of falsies available and the impact they leave on your eyes, it’s suggested that pick falsies according to your eye shape. After you’re done trying falsies according to the shape of your eyes; you’ll be free & positive to try with diverse styles of falsies as you learn and develop your experience with fake eyelashes.

Keep in mind that false eyelashes are accessible in several styles and there’s a pair of falsies for everybody regardless of the dissimilarities in individuality, eye shapes and radical differences.

Contact Madame Madeline for a range of discounted fake eyelashes of different brands. We are dealing with brands like Ardell, Andrea, Bullseye, Gypsy, Red Cherry, Madame Madeline, etc. Get social with us at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Scoop, Stumbleupon, Youtube .

How to Choose Ardell Falsies for Your Eyes

Everybody knows that makeup is a camouflage to garnish one’s beauty and incorporate more elegance to it, but still everybody attempts to make it look more real and admiring to their genuine looks. False eyelashes are also one of the makeup supplies which incorporate immediate gorgeousness and dynamism to your eyes, giving you a killer look that you always dream of.

False Eyelashes

However, people often end up picking incorrect falsies that instead incorporating more intensity to their eye lines, make them appear overdone. There’re a few tips I’ve explained in this post that will assist you get the best Ardell falsies, which not just highlights your eyes, but are natural looking as well. So, let’s find out:

Consider the shape of your eyes:

The shape of your eyes really plays a crucial part when it comes to choosing a pair of falsies for yourself. As for tiny & spherical eyes, Ardell falsies that avail with extended, sweeping ends can integrate an attractive finish, without making them look false. But such lashes for long eyes might appear too overstated.

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

So, confirm the outline of your eyes first, then pick the falsies consequently.

The exposure:

Now, false lashes aren’t just limited to bridal photo shoots or theatres only, to a certain extent; people have made them an important part of their daily routine to appear more gorgeous. However, one kind of false lash isn’t opportune for all exposures. This signifies that according to your everyday work and personality, the kind of false lashes also changes. For instance, if you’re a manager, who’s generally the center of interest at official meetings, then putting on some gentle, sophisticated, yet elegant looking strip lashes integrate more gracefulness to your gallant character.

Don’t opt for feathery strips:

Generally, people don’t have extremely dense & feathery lashes, which’s why putting on such falsies can make you look exaggerated, and will certainly not be anything near to natural.

Application matters:

The final touch of your falsies also relies very much on how you use them on your eyes. No doubt, the lashes do avail with application guidelines, but still the users fall short to execute them appropriately.


You should be very cautious when wearing them. Don’t put too much of the adhesive to the bands, making them bulky and uneasy to manage. Also, don’t overlook to buff up their delicate hairs with adequate high-quality mascara, to match them with your genuine lashes.

To buy high-quality Ardell false eyelashes , contact Madame Madeline – a premier supplier of branded yet affordable eyelashes online. We deal with brands like Eylure, Lash belong, Ardell, Andrea, Gypsy, and many others.

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Applying of False Eyelash Tutorial

Apply Perfect Strip Falsies

How To Apply Perfect Strip Falsies Like A Pro

You have thought false lashes look perfect in their packet only! But the interesting fact is that applying them will make you look stunning! Here are some handy tips for applying them so they will look natural and will last long!

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

Remove Lashes From The Packet

Hold the lashes in the packet (set the lashes facing outwards) so that it will help you identify the left and right lashes as they may not come with always in a mark. To remove the lashes from the packet,you just peel them from the outer edge instead of the inner side. Smoothly pick it up using your fingers or tweezers and make the other lashes rest in the packet.

Image source

Measure Up The Lashes

Keep the strip false lash onto your lash line and check whether you need to trim it to obtain a perfect fit. The applying of false lashes should begin where the natural bulk of eyelashes starts. If you will start the job too close to the inner corner, it will definitely offer irritation to your eyes.

Trim The Lashes To Make Perfect Size

Image Source

Trim The Lashes To Make Perfect Size

If you will need to trim the false eyelashes to fit, you should do it from the outer edge and you should not cut through the lashes. If you will cut upwards, then no doubt you will chop half of the natural lashes off you wanted to keep.

Prevent The Pop-Up Of False Lash

Image Source

Prevent The Pop-Up Of False Lash

Sometimes, false lashes tend to flatten; whenever you will take them out of the box. To avoid the pop-up of false lash, you need to roll the lashes around your finger, a makeup brush, pen or cotton bud and leave them for a minute. As a result, it will help the lashes achieve more curved shapes.

Apply Glue Perfectly

Image Source

Apply Glue Perfectly

Apply a thin glue layer straight from the lash adhesive along the lash vein from corner to corner. Wait for a few seconds before application of other lashes. If you need a super long-lasting application, then follow double adhesive technique by applying some glue dots along the lash line as well as on the lashes.

Where To Apply The Lashes

Image Source

Where To Apply The Lashes

Remember one important thing that, place the lashes to your lash line where the natural bulk of eyelashes starts and smoothly press the strip lash to your lash line at the centre, outer and inner edge.

Combining The Lashes

Image Source

Combining The Lashes

Use mascara to push your natural lashes and the false lashes in order to set them well. You just squeeze down the strip lash onto your natural lashes smoothly by using eyelash tweezers or simply your fingertips.

Create Some Uplift

If you will need to create more uplift with your lashes, then gently push against the lashes at the inner lash line edge.

Where Do You Find Strip False Lashes

Madame Madeline offers a specialized selection of strip lashes to compliment your natural lashes. For dramatic eye makeup, choose your favorite pick of false eyelashes from Madame Madeline!

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Top 4 Stylish False Lashes For Stunning Eyes

Many people think that false eyelashes are unable to make a dramatic appearance; as everybody can notice the falsies over the eye line. Truly, those who say so may be mistaken for sure! All the fashionistas, makeup artists, celebrities and models around the world apply false lashes to make a stunning and glamorous appearance!


No doubt, false eyelashes are the must-have accessories for this current season! If you are worried about how to apply them, we assure that you can apply them in such a way that they don’t even look false at all! However, modern technology has invented perfect lashes with hand-made versatile bands, 100% human hair, invisible drying glue; which don’t affect your natural lashes! From glamorous bold eyes of Katy Perry to the naturally dramatic look of honorable First Lady Michelle Obama, there are so many false lashes battling along with the current trends. They are quite easy to apply; you not only wear them on special occasions; but also on an every day basis!

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

Well, applying false lashes can be one of the nerve-racking job of your daily makeup schedule; but they will give you an award when you will be acquainted with the technique. Go through the following steps:

  • Start with a pair of any false lashes and use a quality glue like Duo Eyelash Adhesive.
  • Draw a line along the lash line with glue and wait for 10 seconds
  • Apply the falsies directly along the lash line; from the inner corner to outward
  • Apply mascara to stick the natural and false eyelashes together

But the fun part is to choose the best pick of falsies to show off your dramatic eyes! With hundreds of styles to choose from, confused where to start! These are top 4 best false lash styles for stunning eyes!

Red Cherry lashes

Top 4 Best Eyelashes To Choose For Dramatic Eyes

Red Cherry

This is the most popular eyelash brand; which are used and loved by makeup artists everywhere in the world. Red Cherry lashes are high quality 100% human hair; that comes in a wide variety of styles, including small, medium or large sizes for every eye shape. To get gorgeous and full look, you can choose #747s Red Cherry lashes.

Andrea Redi-Lash #45 Lashes

Andrea Redi-Lash

If you are opting for the false eyelashes with perfect fullness and length, then Andrea Redi-Lash can be the best one that you should try out!

Katy Perry Lashes - Cool Kitty (New Packaging)

Eylure Katy Perry Lashes

Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes are the best falsies, if you are looking for ultra-glam lashes. They are very easy to apply. Even they draw the natural beauty of your eyes! No matter whether you are going to lunch, meeting, wedding or prom, these false lashes can complement your eyes in every occasion!

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 116S


With the invisible, lightweight band, Ardell eyelash combines natural look and feeling! Wispies are the best classic strip lash; which can make your eyes appear whimsical and fuller! No doubt, Ardell lashes can fit your personality, mood and lifestyle. No matter whatever the occasion you are going to attend, count on Ardell to get the look that you want the most!

Finding The Top Class False Lashes

Madame Madeline, an eminent name in the false lashes industry has been offering an extensive variety of false lashes to suit the unique preferences and desires. To get a perfect eye makeup for every day or partying occasion, make a purchase of stylish false eyelashes from Madame Madeline ( ). For special offers and discounts, feel free to visit our website today!

Top 5 Ways To Wear False Eyelashes Like the Celebrities

Who doesn’t want to lengthen their eyelashes! And who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity! If you want all these, then you need to exaggerate the color and strengthen the overall beauty of your eye appearance. Well, many stars opt for false eyelashes, there are plentiful red carpet darlings who love the falsies more. In short, false eyelashes need less maintenance and you can dramatically enhance your look by simply using different techniques or designs. Do you need any inspiration? If yes, then we are here to help.

Color Impact

Color Impact

Ardell false eyelashes of Madame Madeline have a wonderful variety of lashes like Ardell Professional Color Impact Lashes (Wine, Plum, Green and Blue). With these lashes, you can apply an eclectic mascara to the natural eyelashes and then the falsies in order to get a dynamic contrast. As per my knowledge, if you apply blue mascara to the bottom lashes, then it will look edgy!

Elise Faux Individual Lashes

Corner View

If you want to get a perfect winged-out effect, then you need to draw a cat-eye with the eye liner and after that you can apply individual lashes to the outer corner of the lash line. However, you can choose strip lashes for this purpose. No matter whatever false lashes you will choose, it will create a sultry look instantly.

Mix and Match

If you have fallen in love with the jazzy look, then you can just mix and match the celebrity favored Ardell false lashes of medium and long in order to make a dramatic effect. With our Ardell false eyelashes, you will look bold and perfect for partying event.

Cheap and Discount False

Layer It On

After all, a single serving is not enough for everybody. So you can layer your lashes with a double set of false eyelashes. In fact Nicki Minaj used to wear up to three rows of false eyelashes at a time!

Go For a Blunt Look

Sometimes, it’s seen that to ensure pretty eye makeup, both fake eyelashes and bright liner are behind it. If you are a fashion conscious girl, then you can just complement your fashion forward look with short, but blunt false eyelashes. Even if you will use a bright blue liner, then it will offer an amazing level of stellar effect.

KISS i-ENVY Premium Diva 03 Lashes

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Pre- Glued Lashes

False Lashes Trends: – Ardell

Do you have any belief in magic? Well, Ardell certainly does the magic and offers the wonder of Disney loving, magically inspired brand of false eyelashes. Ardell offers innovative, popular brands of lashes which is the perfect choice for day and night makeup.

Taking A Journey Back In Time…

Ardell lashes offer naturally inspired falsies which was founded by Arnold Miller and his wife Sydell. By combining their first names, Ardell was born. The main motto behind the invention of Ardell lashes is to offer an excellent way for the fashionable women to make their eyes look more stunning than ever. The success of their invention was started with the introduction of their first line of individual lashes, Duralashes which are still popular ranges of Ardell products, even today.

Back To The Realty

Ardell false eyelashes of Madame Madeline stock the widest variety of collections and styles to choose from. But they still stick to their original mission and claim to offer the products that a woman need to accentuate and enhance the look of their eyes and make them alluring as possible. One of the best things regarding Ardell false lashes is that they offer different varieties of lashes from natural to glam to suit the personality and taste of everybody.

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

The Standard Ranges Of Ardell Falsies


As previously mentioned, the Duralash false lashes were created by Arnold and Sydell Miller in 1971. Today, our Duralash false lashes come in either black or brown, in knotted or knot-free, in regular or double volume, inmini, small, medium, long sizes. The best part about the Duralash lashes is that they have stood out for a long period of time and are still incredibly popular over 40 years later.



Natural lashes of Madame Madelineare the wonderful selection of false lashes which come in two color choices, black and brown. However, the finest blend of falsies is designed to make you look gorgeous and pretty without being dramatic.

Ardell Eyelashes

Double-Up Lashes

As per the name, these false lashes are the perfect options for those people who are looking for a glamorous, celebrity-like look. The false lashes of Madame Madelinehold a huge selection of stunningly crafted Double Up lashes to increase the length and volume with the fuller blend for a more dramatic finish.

Double-Up Lashes

Double-Up Lashes

Accent Lashes

Accent lashes are the important tool for enhancing the outer half of your lashes. No doubt, it will fit to the other half of the lashes and create a cat’s eye makeup with a winged out finish. The Accent lashes of Madame Madeline come with fine and full blends to fit a variety of needs.

Andrea ModLash

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How To Apply Falsies With 4 Simple Steps

Learning how to apply false lashes can be frustrating. From strip lashes to individual lashes, the task of learning how to apply ANY style of lashes can be unpleasant. False eyelashes are made up of either silk, synthetic, or human hair. No matter what design, shape, or type they are made up of, the rules of applying falsies is necessary to ensure a seamless, anxiety-free outcome.

Andrea ModLash

Ardell Corset Lashes 500

Step 1: Choose Your Style

Before going into the detail about how to apply false lashes, you should pick the lashes based on the look you are going for. If you want your lashes to look natural, applying individual or strip false lashes will do the trick, and can be purchased at Madame Madeline. Madame Madeline offers the finest, light weight false lashes, making it easy for all-day wear or first time users. Look for the styles that are not too long or too thick, so it mimics the shape of your natural lashes. As a result, will give you the natural look you are looking for. All of Madame Madeline’s lashes are made from 100% human hair, which can offer a dramatic and fuller look to your eyes.

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 105S

Ardell Chocolate Lash

Step 2: Choose Your Glue

When purchasing false lashes, most of the time, glue is included. There are two types of glues available in the market: Latex based and Non-latex based. Performing a patch test with different types of glues on your wrist will help determine the glue that works best on you.

Trim A Strip Lash

Step 3: Trim A Strip Lash

Measuring the length of your eye shape will determine whether your falsie needs to be trimmed. Trimming your lashes depends on the style of lashes you are applying. When applying strip lashes with a “Cat Eye” shape, you should trim the width of the lashes along the outer edge. NEVER trim your false lashes WHILE they are on your eyes!

Ardell Special Occasion Collection - Lacies

Ardell Chocolate Lash

Step 4: Apply a Strip Lash

Once the length is measured and trimmed; the falsies are ready to apply. Draw a thin line of lash glue on the lash band and be sure not to get any on your natural lashes. Allow 10-20 seconds for the glue to sit in. Place the center of the strip lash, on the center of your upper lid. Hold it for 2-5 seconds. After that, keep the inner corner of the strip lash, to the inner corner of your upper eye lid, and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Once the glue dries, apply a light coat of mascara through the lash base to mix the false lashes and your natural lashes together. Don’t coat the mascara to the tip of the false lashes, as it will let them look clumpy.

Buy false eyelashes from Madame Madeline and follow these tips thoroughly to enable a diva like appearance. For more updates regarding false eyelashes, please make a visit to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page.

Jazz Up Your Party Look With Striking Set Of Falsies

Wondering why celebrities and models blessed with thick, luscious eyelashes! Don’t worry at all; it’s not just that you are lacking them! If you will look at them closely, they are false lashes!

Pre- Glued Lashes

What makes a plain girl will turn into a celebrity! The appropriate answer to this question is False Eyelashes. False eyelashes are the best fashion accessories which can offer an eye-catching look for the party event; but they can be tricky to put on. However, you will need finest quality false eyelashes and expert tips to wear striking lashes on your eyes. Rest assured that your fears can be put to rest with a few simple tips.

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 105S

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

Ardell Special Occasion Collection - Lacies

Ardell Chocolate Lash

Fake Eyelashes

Ardell Eyelashes

Know Varieties Of False Eyelashes

The fake lashes you will buy from online shop or your favorite beauty counters are not exactly same. In fact, style of lashes can vary from strip, flare and cluster fake lashes to thin, half-thin, cat eye lengths. Even, the lash hairs can be manufactured from synthetic fibres, human hairs. The two common varieties of false eyelashes are strip and individual lashes.

Apply Falsies Carefully

You can apply false lashes on your own or by the help of makeup artists. But taking the help from experts can be better for you. Professional makeup artists, aestheticians or spa technicians can apply individual lashes with tweezers and adhesives to the lash line.

If you want to follow do-it-yourself procedures, then have a look at these tips thoroughly.

Easy-To-Use Tips For Applying False Eyelashes

Remove the lashes from the packet smoothly with tweezers as falsies are delicate in nature. If the false lashes are too long, then trim with nail scissors. Curl the lashes around a pencil to break the spine gently so that they will fit to the shape of your lid.

Apply glue to the entire spine of the lashes and wait for a few seconds to make it to go tacky. Even if, the glue will look messy, at the time of applying it will completely dry.

Then, you need to press down the top edge of your lash right along your nose. Use a cotton bud and push the lashes down into the base of your natural lash line to hold the lashes in a better manner.

Likewise, apply all the lashes on your lash line and add mascara to bond the false lashes with the natural ones.

Want to know more? If yes, then stay tuned to the up-to-date notifications regarding false eyelashes at Madame Madeline. For any queries, leave your comments below!