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Do you have any belief in magic? Well, Ardell certainly does the magic and offers the wonder of Disney loving, magically inspired brand of false eyelashes. Ardell offers innovative, popular brands of lashes which is the perfect choice for day and night makeup.

Taking A Journey Back In Time…

Ardell lashes offer naturally inspired falsies which was founded by Arnold Miller and his wife Sydell. By combining their first names, Ardell was born. The main motto behind the invention of Ardell lashes is to offer an excellent way for the fashionable women to make their eyes look more stunning than ever. The success of their invention was started with the introduction of their first line of individual lashes, Duralashes which are still popular ranges of Ardell products, even today.

Back To The Realty

Ardell false eyelashes of Madame Madeline stock the widest variety of collections and styles to choose from. But they still stick to their original mission and claim to offer the products that a woman need to accentuate and enhance the look of their eyes and make them alluring as possible. One of the best things regarding Ardell false lashes is that they offer different varieties of lashes from natural to glam to suit the personality and taste of everybody.

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

The Standard Ranges Of Ardell Falsies


As previously mentioned, the Duralash false lashes were created by Arnold and Sydell Miller in 1971. Today, our Duralash false lashes come in either black or brown, in knotted or knot-free, in regular or double volume, inmini, small, medium, long sizes. The best part about the Duralash lashes is that they have stood out for a long period of time and are still incredibly popular over 40 years later.



Natural lashes of Madame Madelineare the wonderful selection of false lashes which come in two color choices, black and brown. However, the finest blend of falsies is designed to make you look gorgeous and pretty without being dramatic.

Ardell Eyelashes

Double-Up Lashes

As per the name, these false lashes are the perfect options for those people who are looking for a glamorous, celebrity-like look. The false lashes of Madame Madelinehold a huge selection of stunningly crafted Double Up lashes to increase the length and volume with the fuller blend for a more dramatic finish.

Double-Up Lashes

Double-Up Lashes

Accent Lashes

Accent lashes are the important tool for enhancing the outer half of your lashes. No doubt, it will fit to the other half of the lashes and create a cat’s eye makeup with a winged out finish. The Accent lashes of Madame Madeline come with fine and full blends to fit a variety of needs.

Andrea ModLash

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