Say Hi to Pretty False Lashes

Hi all. I want to write a blog on false lashes for a while as I have seen some girls struggle with false eyelashes recently. Often I have seen the YouTube videos on how to apply beautiful falsies, however, when I do it in real life, I look whack. So, here is my guide to pick the best and apply false eyelashes.

 False eyelashes

Know Your Event

This sounds important, you can go for a night out with much more dramatic lashes around downtown on a casual Sunday afternoon. If you want to go on a photo shoot, you can wear bolder lashes as they won’t show up like a filmy look.

Ardell Chocolate Lash

Ardell Corset Lashes 501

Choose Lashes

When it comes to lashes, I usually prefer affordable Ardell lashes. If you are going away with a super dramatic look, then your false lashes need to be shorter. If you are going for natural lashes, then curvy lashes can be a perfect option.

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 101S

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 116S

Pick Your Lash Adhesive

Say bye to the messy glues and waiting for glue to dry. Andrea Modlash Brush-On Lash Adhesive has worked okay for me. If you are using this adhesive for the first time, then stick to this brand that you will know and love them. They are usually found in the same Cosmetics section as Ardell Lashes.

Remove Your Falsies

This is the vital step that every person tends to gloss over. When you will take out your lashes from the box, don’t grab them by their ends. This can mess up so that the nice curved shape of the false lashes may not fit to your eyelid. Instead of doing this, pull them gently from the middle, which will help the falsies to maintain the nice curved shape.

Trim Your Lashes

Yes, you have heard right. Sometimes, you may often find that the false lashes are too long for your eyelid. So it’s time to trim them to fit your eye perfectly. Keep in mind that the trim will be done evenly on both sides. First trim off the longest two of either side then another.

Prepare Your Eye Makeup

Some women are blessed with blonde unnoticeable eyelashes so that they don’t need to do anything before applying their falsies. But for me, I would like to apply mascara before putting on falsies. This helps the false eyelashes combine in.

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes 105S

Apply Lash Adhesive

False eyelashes of Madame Madeline can blend with your natural lashes by using high quality lash adhesive. Without using glue, your lashes can stay firmly in place.

Ardell Special Occasion Collection - Lacies

Apply Lashes

Always try to apply close to the lash line as possible. As a result your falsies can be placed at the same angles like your real lashes. This will help them to mingle together.

Final Touch Up

In the end, how the false lashes look after you will apply them. To help the lash band blend in flawlessly, you can draw a thin line of black eyeliner to your lash line..

Well friends, these are the tips. What do think? Do you have any suggestions? If you have any, then let me know in the comments below.

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