Attractive False Eyelashes with Lustrous Appearance

Now-a-days numerous trendy women emphasize on the make-up of their eyes and for that purpose, they use false lashes to highlight their eyes. If you have short eyelashes, then the fake lashes will work very well in offering lustrous appearance to your eyes. Therefore it is very essential to purchase right fit of lashes so that people will notice your glistening eyes and will never know that the lashes aren’t natural. There are some useful tips on how to use false eyelashes properly on your eyes.

False Lashes

Pick Right type of fake lashes

In the market, you may find wide array of false eyelashes to choose from. Full eyelashes offers a bulkier density to your lash line and individual eyelashes give a fuller look to your eyes if you will use them as filler in your shortened lashes. Full eyelashes are very easy to apply and offer a natural look whereas individual one requires more patience to apply on your eyes and give natural lash like appearance.

 Ardell Fabulous Lashes SYDNEY

How to apply false eyelashes

With the false lashes of your choice, you need to properly apply the lashes on your eyes. First you should draw a clear line by using an eye liner and spread slightly the line with the tip of your finger. As a result, it will hide the eyelash line while gluing the false eyelashes.

Fake Eyelashes

You should make sure that your hands are clean when you are gluing lashes. Take a drop of eyelash glue on your finger. If you are applying individual lashes, then use the glue on the tip of each lash. If you are using full lashes; then dab the full eyelashes lightly to cover the surface. Keep the glue to set around 10 seconds.

Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ AMY Lash Compact

In case of individual fake lashes, you need to place each lashes closely with others on your lash line. In order to offer a proper balance, you should start from the center of your eyelashes and attach them individually with fillers and after that apply lashes to your corner portion of your eyes. If you want to have a natural looking eye make-up, then apply few lashes in each of your eyes. For full lashes, you need to start from the center part and then move towards the corners of your eyes. Before applying regular makeup, you should let the glue dry for few seconds.


False eyelashes by Madame Madeline are adopted by numerous celebrities, make-up artists, fashionable models and beauty conscious girls to upgrade their look. Our fake lashes are completely hand-made and getting trimmed by trained beauticians. We offer wide array of gorgeous false lashes with different designs, colors and styles to create illusion for striking fluttering eyes suiting for every event. Enhance your fashion statement with our finest lashes.


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