How to Perfectly Apply Striking False Eyelashes?

Since the seventies, false lashes have come a long way when women wore huge and flashy varieties that looked like fake lashes. Now-a-days from the celebrities to the ordinary women wants to look good that’s why they wear natural-looking false eyelashes. Applying of lashes has a key role in the make-up of a trendy girl. Here’s the procedure on how to apply false lashes

False Eyelashes

Get the Right Lashes

When it comes to false lashes, there are varieties of options to choose from likely a full set of false lashes or individual lashes. If you will purchase a full set, then you can cut into individual lashes. If the lashes are too long, then you need to trim them by cutting at an angle. While cutting, make sure that each individual lash must be different in length so that they may look more natural.

Ardell Lashes

Prepare for Applying in your Eyes

First of all you need to make sure that lashes have not any makeup, and then curl the lashes with the help of eyelash curler. You can warm the curler for about 3 seconds with a blow dryer and be sure that the metal is not too hot.

Ardela Fashion lashes

Get the Glue Ready

If you want to apply individual lashes, then put few drops of lash glue on the hard surface. Let the glue dry for a while until it becomes tacky. After that use a set of tweezers to pick up the eyelashes and dip the root in the adhesive. If you are applying full set, then put few drops of glue along with the strip.

False Lashes

Stick the Lashes

Individual lashes can be applied starting from the outer corner of your eyes. With the help of tweezers, you can easily apply the glued lashes into your natural lashes as possible. Hold it for few seconds so that it may dry in the place that you have glued. In case of couple of false eyelashes, use your fingers in order to hold the lashes perfectly and then apply on the lid as close to the root as possible.

Natural Lashes

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